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September 14, 2012 by theknittersnewt

My love for textiles began when my oma, also known as ‘grandmother,’ taught me how to knit when I was ten years old.  She had been taught many crafts while going to school in the Netherlands before World War II, as her mother had been as well.  On a recent trip to Holland with my mom and my brother, we spent a lot of time at my oma’s cousin’s house.  While there, she showed us a framed cloth piece which was a sampler of different ways to darn fabric.  I was impressed by the intricacies of the piece: For every technique a square was cut out, and the student had to demonstrate their abilities by weaving thread into the four sides of the fabric and then through the empty square to patch up the hole.  Darning is by far a lost art.  The piece was dated 1910, and I was further surprised to find out my great-oma made it in school at the mere age of ten.  Definitely not a task I could have seen myself accomplishing at such a young age.

So I am honored that my oma chose to pass on her and her mother’s love for textiles and fabric arts to me.  I hope to pass on this tradition to others by sharing my ideas and incite to others!

Welcome and enjoy.



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